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A Muse, a show for adults who never grew up.


This Friday, we were lucky enough to have tickets to go see the show “A Muse”. For kids and adults, men and women, A Muse is a celebration about childhood imagination, this little gift that some of us tend to lose when we grow up.

Presented by the Canadian company “Les 7 doigts de la main” and created especially for the 60th anniversary of Mexico’s famous Auditorio Nacional, the beautiful & mystic atmosphere made us see he circus like we had never seen it before.

The fifteen acrobats, interpreters and astonishing music had me smiling during the entire 2 hours show, revisiting places that I forgot I still had in me. My favorite of all time: the mime.

Amuse will be in town until Sunday 5th of August. We STRONGLY recommend you go see it!

For more information on the show, please look it up on

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