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Your best moment at French Tuesdays: Pretty much, every event from midnight on, when I made sure everything is going smooth and I can relax and start to have fun!

Your funniest moment: Funny? What do you mean by ‘funny’? Funny how? Oh just click here to enjoy a good laugh!

Describe your first day at French Tuesdays: My first official day working for French Tuesdays was actually in LA back in early 2007. With Gilles and Camille, I got the chance to experiment the “behind-the-scenes” of FT with all the pre-production work required to make a successful event. This training process helped me a lot when came the time to launch the San Francisco chapter.

Your all-time favorite event: After almost 150 events in SF, it’s definitely very tough to choose, but I will say the “Elevate your Soul” party on the “San Francisco Belle” sternwheeler boat. Having more than 400 guests partying on the deck of this landmark boat while cruising and enjoying beautiful views of the Bay was just magic!

Your dearest memories with members: San Francisco is a small-big-city and I consider FT like a family. When you join the Club, you get to meet very classy, yet fun, international, open-minded people which become friends and broaden the circle. I have dear memories with pretty much every single member I had the chance to meet through French Tuesdays.

What would you do if you were not working at FT: Well, I would probably only do what I do when I am not doing events, which is being a clothier. I would certainly still be a dedicated co-host of FT though!

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