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Kudos for the French Tuesdays Grand Opening in Shanghai!


The Grand Opening of French Tuesdays in Shanghai on May 29th at Haven was a roaring success! Our heartfelt thanks to one and all that made it possible. We are pleased to share some feedback received from the attendees of the spectacular night!

"I was at Pierre's opening party last night, the party was great and the place he chose was such a unique and a special venue, although I'm living here, I never heard of it before, really nice! Too bad my battery was dead last night that I couldn't take any photo of the party, but I'm sure u can check it on the web, it was fun!!!" :) Thought to pass it on to you, you would be super happy! :) 

-From a Shanghainese attendee to her friend in Hong Kong                                                                      

 “Last night was AWSOME : )Honestly I didn’t expect we could have that many people. It`s really surprised me!!!! I`m so expecting the next one. But the bad thing is I will go for my vacation, so bad gonna miss the next one. But won`t miss the others” : )

-From the account manager at Perrier in Shanghai

 “Une réussite, c'est la conclusion de mes invités. Je prépare ma liste d'invités pour le prochain, ça va péter... ” 

-From the CEO of a large French Company established in China. 

 “Hi Pierre,It was a great event! I met a lot of friends there. As an event organized1st time in SH, it is very successful! Congratulations! Thanks again for invite me. It is a pity that we didn't have time to catch up this time. I have to leave due to another appointment. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can help you inChina”.

-From a Shanghainese woman, owner of a head hunter firm

“La soirée m’a eu l’air très réussie et les échos que j’en ai eus étaient très favorables. Bravo pour ce lancement” !   

-From a French diplomat


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