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Visiting Burma


Last month, I spent 10 days in Burma (or Myanmar) It was a travel back in time, what would, probably, have been, Thailand in the 50's. I would recommend a trip to Yangon to anyone who need exotic destination where people are friendly & happy (despite the ruling junta).

Fun facts about Yangon :

=> Yangon is most likely where you will first encounter Burma's unique driving situation : Right-hand-drive cars being driven on the right side of the road.

=> Smooching : Burmese people get somebody's attention by making a kissing sound

=> No late night here : Just about the entire city closes down by 9 pm (for some after hours joints, just contact me ;)

=> Motorcycle free : If you believe the rumours, a high ranking military leader's car was hit by a motorcycle several years ago, leading him to issue a total ban on the two-wheeled vehicule on the streets of Yangon. But the other reason, and most probably the real one, is the junta banned the two-wheelers in order to avoid quick street meetings to happen.

=> Betelgeuse : Red stains and ever redder theeth will tip you off that this is betel nut country.

=> Weird sex : On the streets of Yangon, you will see stalls selling bizarre sexual aids. In addition to flavoured condoms, I saw dodgy pills enlargers and scary rings with hair and beads.

=> Powerless : The lack of a consistent power source means noisy smoke-pumping generators are ubiquitous on the pavements of Yangon.

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