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Do's and don'ts at French Tuesdays parties


DO arrive early to FT parties. You want to avoid the long lines and certainly don't want to miss the magical live entertainment.

DO wear your most fabulous outfits to FT affairs. You never know, maybe next time you'll be the winner of the Most Fashionable Member Award or just might get loads of compliments.

DO invite your most fashionable friends to FT parties. They will thank you later.

DO start a conversation with a stranger at French Tuesdays parties. Because French Tuesdays community is sophisticated, incredible and everyone has an element of surprise.

DO bring business cards to the events. Sometimes there's not enough time to enter the information into your phone or your hands might just be busy holding that fabulous glass of Moet champagne.

DO carry cash and ID. Certainly best to be prepared because the weather is unpredictable at times and running to an ATM isn't always pleasant.

- DO NOT wear shoes that will hinder your dancing ability and duration. You want to be able to enjoy your evening to the fullest.

- DO NOT be shy. French Tuesdays  are the most wonderful ways to encounter new friendships with remarkable guests.

- DO NOT forget to take pictures with FT's unbelievable talented and charming photographers. You'll enjoy seeing those memorable pictures the next day.

- DO NOT drink to oblivion when you have to be carried out by the bouncers. Just so that you are not embarrassed at the next event.

- DO NOT forget to say Au Revoir to the lovely hostesses on your way out. Because next time they'll remember you even better.

The most important advice: just come and have fun!

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