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Sponsor a member
Sponsor a member
French Tuesdays is a by invitation-only Online Community. Its members have full access to the community and can register for French Tuesdays Events across the World

Please check "Terms of use" section to learn about French Tuesdays.
How to become a member
How to become a member
French Tuesdays' membership is based on recommendations from existing members. Members can invite friends to join the online community and become webmembers, by entering the persons email addresses in the "Sponsor a member" menu option on the FT website.

In order to have a chance to be upgraded to full Membership, the webmembers must fully complete their online profiles, with a picture, business and academic info. Upgrade will also depend on the webmember's activity on the website, and space available for full membership in each city.

Please note that upgrades and cancellations of membership will remain at the discretion of French Tuesdays.

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1. MEMBERS What is the difference between a Member and a Web Member?

There are two different types of members: the regular members (called "Members") and the web members. The regular members are recruited by our teams in the four FT cities, or during one of the two recruitment sessions that take place every year in each city. They can register to every event taking place in their city with guests and invite friends to join the FT online community and become web members. The web members are invited by regular members or other web members to join the FT online community and access all the functionalities of the website. Their invitation and registration rights are limited: they can invite 3 members to join the FT online community and attend 2 events a year. Apart from these restrictions, they enjoy the same benefits and have access to all the sections of the website. The web members will be invited to apply to become regular members during the bi-annual recruitment sessions.

I know this person is a member of French Tuesdays but I cannot find him in Find a Member. Why?

To protect the privacy of our members, only the ones who have activated their profile appear in the list. Encourage your friends to login so that they can be part of your network and able to enjoy all the benefits of the website and online community.

2. EVENTS What is the event policy?

French Tuesdays Members only can register on the guest list and get free access to the event with their guests. Registration to our events has to be done online, using a personal login and password. Photo ID is required at the door and the name on the guest list has to match the one on the ID to be granted free access. Complimentary access is granted only when registered on the guest list before the closure time. Members who are not registered on the guest list but want to attend the event will have to pay a cover fee at the door. Members can register with guests to all the events taking place in their city. The number of guests varies with the capacity of the venue and can be restricted at our discretion. Web Members can register to 2 events per year and cannot invite guests. In case of no-show, registration rights cannot be recredited. The total number of web members is limited to 20 per event. First come, first served! If you are not a member, you can attend our events if invited by a Member. Ask them to add your full name to their guest list. Members only can register names on the guest list. Access of non-registered guests may be granted against a cover fee. According to the attendance number, we will do our best to accommodate non-members, but access can never be guaranteed. We will always give priority to the members when a capacity problem arises. The dress code is part of our events' identity and therefore mandatory. We reserve the right to deny access to anyone who wouldn't follow the dress code, members as well as guests.

How can I register to attend an event?

- Click on the "Register Me" button at the bottom on the event details page. You will then receive a confirmation email to your email address.