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Understanding the true meaning of 'Haute Couture'

Two big events are taking place in Europe around this time: Big snow and Paris Fashion Week. We find Fashion news everywhere, newspapers, TV, magazines… Everyone who is anyone is there: celebrities, actors, models, artists and designers. Some people will kill to be on the front-row seats. But do we really understand what “Haute Couture” means? Here are 10 facts that may help ...

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Name: Marine Country of Origin: France Job title & FT city: Finance and Admin manager – All FT cities! Fav drink: Mojito! Hobbies: Travelling, Gastronomic food, Skiing, Graphic Novels, and some addictive iphone games like “cut the rope” or “tape the frog” ;) Your best moment at French Tuesdays: In Las Vegas when all the girls, we were on the stage dancing ...

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Parisianly Yours

One of the best parts of traveling to Europe is the choice of hotels you get to pick from and enjoy for their amenities and cocktail lounges. Paris brings you Bar La Vue, on top of one of it’s most stunning creations Hotel Concorde LaFayette. Offering a panoramic view of the capital city overlooking its greatest monuments, La Vue provides a luxury setting to experience the ‘City ...

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A Champagne Bubble in Paris

This is the season of Champagne! We still have a few more weeks to enjoy festive winter nights out, with a crisp glass of bubbly. Until January 15th, the Hilton Arc de Triomphe, Paris has created a Champagne Bar like no other. In the hotel’s inside patio, find trendsetting Parisian It-girls nestled on the cozy flur-clad armchairs, of what is literally a giant and completely transparent bu...

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Mystery Cuisine

Mystery Dining Behind a small glass door, next to the Palais Royal, a one of a kind culinary and artistic experience is waiting to be had at Mystery Cuisine. Amongst a backdrop of theatrical décor- with red velvet curtains and low lighting, you will sample a ‘Menu Gastronomique’, where Chef Desrousseaux de Vandières, offers cubed aloe vera with grapefruit ...

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