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Le Diner en Blanc 2015

Le Diner en Blanc 2015 is coming in Los Angeles & New York. Keep posted for the latest informations:

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LA. NYC or Hong Kong, join us around the world for a chic and friendly celebration. The French Tuesdays family is waiting for you to join the festivities.      

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5 Ways to get to know a city

...Even if you are only there for one day (or less.) “Stay away from restaurants that have menus in five languages. That’s always a tourist trap. You want to go where the locals eat.” -Curtis Stone (Australian celebrity chef) Have you ever gone somewhere that you have never been before on business only to think, after the business is done, “Hey, this looks like a great...

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In Defense of The Beard

OK ladies and gents, as the Style Sensei I feel it’s necessary at times to stir up a little debate. I don’t strive to be politically correct when it comes to style and I don’t pull punches! So what’s the issue? It’s beards, or more generally, facial hair. I state unequivocally that both rock. Want proof?  Here it is: King Leonidas (300), General Maxiumus (Gla...

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This is Derek Fletcher, your style sensei, with a quick chalk talk about improving your footwear game.  One of the areas most neglected by men in developing their personal style is their lack of attention to footwear.  Specifically, their shoes often lack proper fit, are not always occasion appropriate and lack variety. I want to tackle the variety element.  You can score major ...

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