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Love Travel Guides

Traveling around the world can become a solitary enterprise. But fear not, you no longer have to eat, sleep and drink alone again. I’d like to introduce you to your coolest, new travel companion, who is intelligent, informative, insightful, warm and personable…….and happens to be beautiful too. Shake hands with Love Travel Guides. Obtaining one of these intimate Travel Guide...

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Zinc On the periodic table of Mumbai’s nocturnal launches, Zinc is the newest element. This clounge (club + lounge) features an all-white bottom, sleek black first floor, house and hip hop music, finger foods and amazing cocktails.  FT Run Down: Very central, well decorated, 2 floors but the top one will be for friends and special guests. FT Top Tip: Hottest newcomer in t...

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Chez Vous

Chez Vous The first real French restaurant of Mumbai. Taste and presentation are really nice. The owners show a deep interest to every guest in order to improve an already perfected art. FT Run Down: Great wine and cheese selection. Chez vous means “your place”, you feel you are at French Tuesdays, your home, so come as you are… FT Top Tip: Foie ...

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212 Bar and Grill

212 Bar and Grill Milanese head chef Chef Alex Bignotti does a wonderful job here. The decoration is clean and well designed, the food is so delicious that you focus completely on your plate and forget your surrounding. FT Run Down: Explore the menu, so far we’ve been enchanted every time. FT Top Tip: And remember to keep little space for the desserts, especially the cho...

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Escobar Dress to impress tonight, because doormen at Escobar are notoriously selective. Once in, you enter a world of superlatives. Longest bar, amazing view, one of India best female dj’s, very hype. Surprisingly the drinks are reasonably priced! FT Run Down: Make sure you know what night is the best one to go to this chic place. It changes all the time. FT Top ...

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