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A few tips for the first time traveller in Shanghai

French Tuesdays will be opening in Shanghai on May 29th 2012, and as for each new city, the groundwork to organize such an event requires a lot of time on site. Scouting venues, meeting sponsors, processing application requests and understanding the basic principles of the city requires a team to be set up locally for a few weeks. Of course you can imagine that establishing ourselves in...

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5 Wonders about Médoc Wines

On April 24th French Tuesdays celebrated its 6th anniversary and I had the privilege of savoring some fine wines from Médoc. A few sips and swirls refreshed my wine soaked memories of my two trips to Médoc last year! Let’s unveil this treasure trove of fine wines… 1. Location matters! Médoc is located in the northern part of Bordeaux and is a world-reno...

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Visiting Burma

Last month, I spent 10 days in Burma (or Myanmar) It was a travel back in time, what would, probably, have been, Thailand in the 50's. I would recommend a trip to Yangon to anyone who need exotic destination where people are friendly & happy (despite the ruling junta). Fun facts about Yangon : => Yangon is most likely where you will first encounter Burma's unique driving situation : Ri...

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Love in the afternoon or how to rent a room for a nap

For those of us who did travel to Japan or Brazil, the concept of Love Hotels is no surprise. We remember (you do not have to be a user to observeJ) the hidden entrances, the ads for the in room Jacuzzi or the price list including 5 hours “sessions”.   Of course New York could not be missing something like this, isn’t it the city where one is supposed to find eve...

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