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Our members are so creative

Would you ever imagine one day that rope jumping would become an upcoming sports? With competitions, camps, federations, schools, dedicated magazine bouncing is the new cool kid no the block. It did not take more to our dear Member Dennis to invent the only thing that was missing, a dedicated jumping shoe with an innovative “impact Turbine” Stylish, unique, suitable for jum...

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Do's and don'ts at French Tuesdays parties

  - DO arrive early to FT parties. You want to avoid the long lines and certainly don't want to miss the magical live entertainment. - DO wear your most fabulous outfits to FT affairs. You never know, maybe next time you'll be the winner of the Most Fashionable Member Award or just might get loads of compliments. - DO invite your most fashionable friends to FT parties. ...

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French Tuesdays 1st Anniversary

In collaboration with partners- MINI, Laurent Perrier, Perrier, Oakwood and Delta Airlines- over 800 beautiful and international participants celebrated French Tuesdays' Tokyo's first anniversary party at Act Square in Ebisu on October 4th 2011. Members and their guests enjoyed live performances by Shanadoo as well as the venue's incredible 360° surround large video screens blasting amazin...

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How do you know if you travel too much

-       You wake up not knowing where you are -       You happen to recognize some of the crew members when you fly -       They know your name at the airport counters -       You have several gym memberships -       You cannot stay for ...

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The World's rudest nations for travelers

Forbes has just published a ranking of the World's rudest nations for travelers and ..... France is number one. We are not rude, we just like to discuss about all aspects of a situation. We cannot just enjoy a situation, we have to consider all aspects, including the negative ones to come up to a French conclusion. We are not rude, our English is not always the best, lost in translation. We ...

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