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You feel at home at Harlot because of the steel beams that seem to hold up the entire building, plus relatively good decor and sufficient, yet anti-douche-mashup dance space plus glass walls around the smoking area. They have an upstairs balcony. It has a plexiglass railing. Warning to any women wearing short skirts, please don't stand too close to the plexiglass railing!DJs are ...

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The SceneSlide is modern and sophisticated feturin a honey-onyx backlit bar, and a baby grand piano stylized into a modern DJ system in which you can drop a tp in the jar to tickle the keys and play your favorite tunes whether it be mash-up, hip-hop, dwn-tempo grooves, R and B or an electic mas of these great Rat-Pack hits.However Slide is also reminiscent of the ages of gangsters, flappers and...

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Yank Sing

Cuisine:Chinese$$Yank Sing serves not only the traditional hors d'oeuvre sized dumplings, but has created a much wider array of items which can be categorized as deem sum consisting not only of dumplings, but also other dishes such as Peking duck-by-the-slice, or a snap peas vegetarian dish.The FT touchOne of the best things about Yank Sing is the vast array of both traditional and modern dim s...

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Sushi Groove

Cuisine:japanese$The FoodWith a menu that focuses on fresh fish and a variety of domestic and Japanese sake, this surprisingly chic restaurant fulfills the needs of the health conscious and fun seeking individual. Sushigroove's innovative approach to the artistry of Japanese cuisine in conjunction with new California cuisine well suits the San Francisco palate. The SceneNestled in the hist...

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Shanghai 1930

Cuisine: Chinese$The FoodAsian cuisine is taken to a new level in this hip-yet-comfortable standing tribute to good living. The kitchen's attention to detail makes the sticker shock amazing. Yangtze River lite fry is slices of rock cod wrapped in tentacles of seaweed; it's then deep-fried. Accompanying black vinegar, aromatic Sichuan pepper-salt and ginger aioli make for a trio of ideal dipping...

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