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Our Story

The Genesis

In 2003, a small group of people gathered in New York who desired a more sophisticated  alternative to the nightlife options available. That gathering planted the seeds for what  has become a nation wide social network called French Tuesdays. Today, it is expanding internationally and is known to be the premiere social networking phenomen on and lifestyle brand. It's success in New York quickly led to French Tuesdays being established in some of the trendiest cities of the world. Now numbering over 15,000 active members in the U.S., French Tuesdays offers modern men and women entrée to a network of sophisticated individuals and a world of couture nightlife and entertainment.

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The Visionaries

Pierre Battu (CEO)

Pierre brings a diverse background of experience to French Tuesdays, Departing from Aventis in 1993 after several years of services, he joined Arjo-Wiggins USA located in the United States, he then made his move to New York City in 1998. Two years later he was promoted again and returned to Paris. After a year back Pierre missed NYC, so he resigned and decided to pursue his dream of standing his own business in New York. In 2003, he joined his business partner, Gilles, in his textile importing company. In March 2003, Pierre invited a few friends out to discuss and revive his passion for organizing social events. Approximately 50 people attended the first event. Only three month later, the number of participants grew to 500. Pierre, along with his friend Gilles, made this new adventure a top priority, and French Tuesdays was born. 

Pierre holds a Master of Arts in International Politics from Brussels University (UBL) and an MBA from Paris Business School (ESCP-EAP). He shares his time between the US and Asia.

Gilles Amsallem (COO)

In the late 80’s, what began as a vacation in New York City turned out to be a far more permanent trip for Gilles. The attraction of the bustling city proved to be irresistible and he decided to stay, as he has always been one to seek new experiences and challenges.

Gilles successfully created a fashion textile business, where he worked tightly with prominent designers such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar De la Renta , Zac Posen, just to name a few.

Many years later, he met Pierre Battu socially and invited him to share their common vision of ultra-premium brands and their ability to engage consumers.

Voila, French Tuesdays was born in 2003, which became an international social platform of beautiful, young professionals in the US, and has since expanded to 10 other countries with more than 30,000 members.

Gilles and Pierre then formed Selavi Global, which is now one of the major players of brand activation and experiential marketing agencies, working with clients such as: Bordeaux Wines, Perrier water, Canard Duchene Champagne, just to name a few.

In 2011, Gilles was elected by the French government to become a “Trade Advisor” and currently holds that position.

2018 is promising, as Gilles has invested in Virtual Room: a disruptive, immersive, Virtual Reality Experience which plans to become one of the best experiences in the world for entertainment, team building and more…

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